Testimonials Continued...


Leadership for Life Workout

Anchorage Children's Home of Bay County

IPANA was requested to conduct a Leadership for Life Workout for some 25 participants from the Panama City Marine Institute and the Bay County Teen Court Program. The Leadership for Life Workout is IPANA's Synergistic Leadership for youth. The program was hosted by Anchorage Children's Home of Bay County and the Panama City Police Department.All of the administrators and counselors at Anchorage Children's Home and the Panama City Police Department have recently attended the full Synergistic Leadership Workshop. Anchorage's CEO and Director of Counseling Services felt that the Leaderistics Synergistic Leadership Toolbox should be as outstanding for "At Risk" youth as it is for adults. They were right!


IPANA conducted one of its Immersion Workshop Series which compresses three (of the eight) Master Manager Tools into a 6 hour program. At the program's end, the participants were given time to evaluate what they had experienced. While the youth were not asked to sign their comments, it can be seen that Leaderistics Synergistic Leadership Toolbox excited and enlightened them. The following is a collection of their written comments:

"I think it was wonderful. I think it was great and useful in everyday life. Cool! It was fun. Great. This is definitely a learning experience. It gave me tools to actually use that are easy to understand. It gave me a greater understanding of conflict and how to solve it. It gave me many new ideas on how to look at situations in a positive manner. I liked it. I think everyone can use this, no matter how old or young. I think this is a great way of looking at important things. I think it will really work for me. I came here thinking it would be boring and I wouldn't learn anything, but I learned a lot! I think it should be shown to more teens. It was really good for me. I learned that everyone is worth trying to understand. I now understand how other people can see me in a different light. I am better at working things out. I learned new ways of working with others. I can handle my problems better. I now know that I need to listen to what others have to say and allow them to listen to me. I want to connect to others in a more respectful manner. I will work on giving people a chance before deciding not to like them. I learned how to talk things out and solve a problem. I want to be a synergy person!"


Additional Comment: On the day following this program, A Teen Court Administrator emailed these comments: Today, I supervised the Teen Court Kids during their mandatory community service. We had 18 Kids and did yard work at 5 locations for the elderly of our community. During the day of hot, hard work we talked synergy. The kids that attended the Leadership for Life Workout yesterday were present. Several remembered a lot of information. One kid was quoting the square and making the arm angles. All the other kids had good things to say about the workshop. This Workshop was a great success, major big time, yes, good.




Community Leaders Testimonials

It provided me many opportunities for personal insight and growth. The group discussions were very meaningful. Synergistic Leadership gives you behavioral techniques for assessing the need for personal change and successfully implementing that change. It is a model for success based on achieving synergy in the workplace and personal relationships. From my experience, it synthesizes the most prominent leadership theories and concepts into an organized, practical model that makes sense and is very applicable for personal, professional, as well as organizational growth. This is an effective approach to leadership development for any organization dealing with the challenges of the 21st century.
Susanne Houff, Director of Student Affairs,
Florida State University, Panama City Campus.

EXCELLENT! Blessings on your continued success and the help your workshop will provide for so many other individuals, organizations and corporations! Synergistic Leadership is a masterpiece in sharing difticult, yet very basic concepts for a "ZWE Culture." You conducted the workshop with patience, insight and wisdom. Thank you for making Synergy a very practical tool. We appreciate having been a part of this experience.
Holton R. Harders, Owner/President, Harders Construction Company
Nancy Harders, Owner, Harders Construction Company

Synergistic Leadership far exceeded my expectations. The "tools" are readily usable and can have significant impact for good. I would recommend the course to any organization seeking to improve and expand awareness of self, others, leadership enhancement and innovative change.
Flo Bilelo, LCSW, LMFT, BCD
Psychotherapist/Owner, Cornerstone Marriage and Family Counseling Center

This workshop experience has empowered me like no others. Henry, your beliefs, knowledge and enthusiasm is what made this workshop so enjoyable. I have enjoyed every session and will continue to practice the "Toolbox" - My greatest challenge will be to spread the word to all that Synergistic Leadership is well needed and a long time in coming. Together we can change the world and the new millenium. God Bless and thank you for the opportunity to be involved... what a joy.
Pam Barr, Deputy Sheriff, Domestic Violence,
Bay County Sheriff's Office

I learned to sincerely look at myself closer and to see how others see you. Synergistic Leadership's Tools change separated people into working groups striving to achieve common goals which put others first. It builds on the strengths of everyone. You will learn to appreciate others and understand yourself.
Connie Bane, RN Supervisor,
Bay County Health Department, FL


The scholarship of Synergistic Leadership is outstanding. The experience is invaluable and Synergistic Leadership will transform many systems.
Forest Yanke, DPhil, LSW, LMFT, BCD
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, The Cornerstone, Panama City, FL

The workshop will enhance ALL of the significant relationships in your life. You will move into greater "wholeness" as a person, and the results will overflow into every aspect of you life. The corporate "bookshelf" which is swollen with books on self-improvement, organizational development and how to influence others can now be swept clean and replaced with Synergistic Leadership and its Master Manager Toolbox which draws from the very "best" of the best!
Father Marshall H. Brown, Episcopalian Priest

Synergistic Leadership is for both the novice and the expert alike. The novice gains a beginning for understanding the forces and dynamics of leadership style and communication. The expert can pull everything into a simple and understandable framework that allows him to benefit from all past experiences. If enough leadership levels develop Synergistic Leadership, operational bumps and barriers could be removed.
Father Martin J. Bratek, Catholic Priest,
St. Johns Catholic Church, Panama City, FL

It is a tremendous opportunity for personal growth through achieving a better understanding of yourself and others. It creates positive change through the appreciation of how strength can come from diversity.

It creates fulfilling personal and professional relationships, job satisfaction and workplace morale by improving your ability to communicate with others and to enlist their support to accomplish goals which increase productivity while decreasing job turnover and absenteeism.

I have already used Synergistic Leadership extensively in my private life for constructive advancements. It is an avenue for organizational advancement.

It will help you to gauge and become more fully attuned to how people see you and your leadership behaviors. Then, it gives you practical Tools to improve your leadership.

City of Tallahassee Florida Employee Testimonials

I think that every employee in our organization should either attend this training or a shorter video segment.
Samantha Person, Shift Supervisor

The Mirror helps me to improve communications and understanding so that I can make the workplace better.
Dana Morgan

The workshop was very eye-opening. It puts the responsibility of improving communications right where it should be--on yourself.
Ron Strickland, Administrative Aide

The Mirror reinforces the positive benefits of listening with an open mind, to participate and facilitate finding solutions to problems (perceived or real) in order to improve work relationships, environment, and results.
B. Armstrong, Administrative Services Manager--Electrical

After taking this workshop, I can truly say that I will be a better communicator. Thank you.
Al Davis, T.P.R.D.

If you take this workshop, you will leave with a wealth of information and a step-by-step method for bettering yourself and your behavior.
DeShaun Carter, Administrative Aide

I think this program is a greatly improved process for improving communications which can be used in both professional and personal situations to improve relationships.
This workshop contains the theories and applications necessary to bridge the GAPs which exist when communicating with others and creating a ZWE Culture.
Lora Lee-Turner, Administrative Specialist II

The workshop was educational. It provided me with the knowledge that will enable me to identify situations where communication techniques (The Mirror) can be applied effectively. The workshop was of VALUE to me. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge.
Joel Bonenfant, Chemist

I can use The Mirror in real life experiences.
Stephen Mayfield

I found value in The Mirror lies in several people in one section attending together. The more people who understand and implement the (The Mirror and ZWE Culture) tools, the greater are the chances for improved communications.

We need to develop a ZWE Culture in our work--not a "Me Against You". By promoting the growth of others you will "grow" the whole. The workshop gives you a place to start.
The workshop is good for any workplace communications. It will help you get work done. Good communication is the first step towards getting the job done. If you do not have good communication the object will be unattainable.

The Mirror makes communication a simple process to determine: (1) It teaches you how to discuss issues or opportunities in a meaningful way that will not cause problems, (2) The Mirror creates a clear picture of what the other person is saying to you.

The Mirror provides a "Code Of Conduct" on how to effectively communicate.

This workshop brought up concepts and ideas about communicating that I have never considered before. I wish my supervisor had received this training a long time ago. I will use The Mirror's concepts in communicating with others--especially outside the workplace (family, friends, etc.). I recommend this training for all supervisors from the top of our organization to the working level.

The Mirror and ZWE Culture improves communications and leads to improved working conditions and an overall sense of well-being in the organization.
The Mirror is a greatly improved process of communication for use both professionally and personally in improving relationships.

Florida Parks/Department
of Environmental Protection Testimonials

I appreciated the opportunity to attend Synergistic Leadership. After hearing about the program, and reviewing its pre- and post-assessment performance data attesting to its results, I was pleased to observe it first-hand. Synergistic Leadership is unique in that it together in ways that I have not seen before. Synergistic Leadership is a performance based program which uses a competency-based model. Research and experience tell us that technical competency does not predict work success as much as interpersonal skills do. Consequently, I am now conducting a training needs assessment throughout the Department of Environmental Protection to determine how we can channel such training into areas most needed by our staff. This will be a major event in the history of DEP.
Annette L. Pearce, Ph.D., Office of Organizational and Staff Development, DEP

DEP is planning to implement a department wide training needs assessment intended to create a new training structure which will benefit our Division of Parks and Recreation as well as all the other divisions under DEP. It has been noted that interpersonal relationships need to be strengthened in order to improve our market position. It is my fear that the implementation of a DEP division wide training program will be a piecemeal program that will only address specific areas of interpersonal skills. SYNERGISTIC LEADERSHIP IS ALL INCLUSIVE! It does not piecemeal. It takes you through a complete and simple process of working with and through others to identify and achieve common goals within this organization. Synergistic Leadership teaches you the interpersonal skills needed to survive in a changing world, marketplace, or job. Synergistic Leadership teaches you skills for a lifetime. Please, do not piecemeal interpersonal training... synergize it.
Patrick Richards, Park Manager, Ochiockonee River State Park

THE GREAT END OF LIFE IS NOT KNOWLEDGE BUT ACTION. Synergistic Leadership is all about action. The workshop is relevant, organized, useful, appropriate, well researched, set up to be practiced, and based on competencies and skills necessary for any organization to reach and maintain excellence. Synergistic Leadership's framework, standards, and Toolbox are already being "enculturated" within the Florida Park Service. The benefits can be PLAINLY seen at many parks in District 1. The practical concepts and calculated behaviors are excellent Any reasonable, knowledgeable, conscientious person would conclude that Henry Doster and his Synergistic Leadership are a major asset to the FPS. My recommendation is that the FPS and DEP, support the supporters of Synergistic Leadership and don't let this opportunity slip away for superfluous reasons.
Mike Finn, Americorps, District 1, FPS

Synergistic Leadership has been the most inspirational program I have attended during the 31 years I have worked in the Florida Park Service. It motivates people to display positive rather than negative attitudes. It increases your professional demeanor and image. I have seen the most negative employee in my park change after completing Synergistic Leadership to the extent that we now assign him to train new employees.
Cecil Dykes, Park Manager, St. Andrews S.R.A.

Synergistic Leadership training has provided me with the Tools to deal with difficult situations at my park. I have a new park to manage and there are many challenges. The Synergistic Leadership Tools have given me calculated behaviors for better communicating Park Service policies. It also has helped me to develop good personnel who can function independently. I feel that Synergistic Leadership is a great program for all Park Service personnel to participate in as soon as possible.
Scott Bell, APM, Topsail Hill Resort R.V. Park

When this course is taught from the top to the bottom of DEP it will cause us to work with and through each other and we will have an unbeatable force in the park service.
Jean Koch, Park Ranger, Maclay Gardens State Park

This workshop gave me a concrete means of dealing with both workplace and personal problems in a meaningful and tactful manner. It does away with the old John Wayne politics of leadership and creates a process that can effectively increase productivity. This change is based on both individual and workplace needs and results in unity when applied. I only wish that it was a mandatory part of all training throughout DEP in interpersonal skills. Henry has a way that brings confusion into a unified reality.
Debra L. Walker, Park Ranger, St. Andrews S.R.A.

This class should be taken by everyone in the Florida Park Service. It's the best training I've ever had.
Ed Lewis, Park Ranger, St. Andrews S.R.A.

The workshop was very good. There was so much positive energy coming from Henry and all the participants that it was often intoxicating (in a good sense). I will use the Tools and their calculated behaviors in the workplace and my personal life. I recommend it to everyone.
Steve Young, Park Ranger, Blackwater River State Park

Thank you so very much for being such a wonderful teacher. It was a privilege to attend this course. I have come to realize that there will always be differences among people but through synergy these differences can be overshadowed by common goals that will integrate us into your ZWE Culture. Synergistic Leadership will bring people together for the betterment of both the individual and the organization.
Dorothy Richards, Administrative Secretary, St. Andrews S.R.A.

I think this program has the potential to improve morale throughout the FPS. I believe, even if it is only implemented at the park level, it will improve the overall performance of our employees. However, if all personnel within the Division were to implement Synergistic Leadership, the FPS would be the premiere organization for employee loyalty and dedication.
Park Manager (unsigned)

Synergy is necessary if the FPS wants to be a success. It provides Tools and calculated behaviors that will improve employee performance and customer satisfaction. It improves communications and motivation.
Matthew R. Allen, Coordinator, Americorps, District 1, FPS

Great Tools for working with friends and family. The Mirror is good for working out conflicts with fellow employees. Synergistic Leadership needs to be used consistently throughout the park service.
Park Ranger (unsigned)

The word I would use to describe this workshop has not been developed...but, jf I had to find a word it would have to be superb! To be able to grow and learn from this workshop was really unexpected, because I thought nothing new could be presented that I hadn't already read. But, I was wrong. All I've learned (prior to Synergy) has been hard to actually apply to my life or career. However, the Tools taught in Synergistic Leadership put into a compact idea something which I know I will always be able to use to better my life and my childrens' lives. To live and know in the end that you have had a fulfilling life is all that counts for me. Thank you so much!
Sandra A. Cashes, Park Ranger, Big Lagoon S.R.A.

The presentations on how each of the Tools is used to develop interpersonal skills were tangible, reachable and usable for me. The workshop cut out a lot of needless rhetoric which I have encountered in similar classes. Other classes like this I have put in the garbage but this one I will use in my life.
Pam Murfey, Park Program Specialist, Choctaw Geopark

A frank understanding makes for a good relationship. The calculated behaviors within Synergistic Leadership create this common language so that we can reach this type of understanding. However, for this to be accomplished it must involve the entire DEP from the new hires to the top echelons.
Robert Uptagrafft, Park Ranger, Florida Caverns State Park

Synergistic Leadership has been a wonderful experience. It has made me realize that there are a lot of people in the FPS who truly want to make their park a better and more productive place to work. Synergy is a training program that WORKS if you will let it. Look out, ZWE Culture.. .here we come! Thank you Henry, I appreciate your hard work and positive attitude!
Mary Nielsen, Asst. Park Manager, Maclay Gardens State Park

I enjoyed being a part of this Synergistic Leadership workshop. I recognized some of the Tools as being appropriate to everyday life. Now, I know how to harness all this and use it more wisely. I will continue to use these Tools.
D.R. Brown, Park Attendant, Wakulla Springs State Park and Lodge

All of the Tools in the Synergistic Leadership Toolbox have already been useful to me in both my career and private life. This is great training for present and future employees!
Lee Pyles, Maintenance Mechanic, Wakulla Springs State Park and Lodge

Henry, thanks for caring. I think Synergistic Leadership is a step in the right direction. But, I am sad to say that until the Department changes, I see very little chance for it to happen. I will not give up hope that one day we will all be doing this.
Gerald E. Bamburg, Maintenance Mechanic, St. George Island State Park

When I first started this class I had negative thoughts. I started this class as a Park Ranger and I am now in a different position. I feel very fortunate to have been able to complete your workshop. It has been a great help personally and professionally, with my family, friends and job. I think that Synergistic Leadership must continue not only in the Park Service but with the entire DEP. I feel that this workshop is a great benefit and help for all of us. It gives a great awareness and understanding of the world around us and that we can work with and through others to identify and achieve common goals. Thanks for everything. It really works.
Kim Rider, Bureau of Eco Tourism, DEP

This class has been a very dynamic and educational experience! It has influenced me to become more productive within the workplace. I strongly suggest that all employees at least be taught an abbreviated course of Synergistic Leadership.
Donald Gavin, Park Ranger, Wakulla Springs State Park and Lodge

This workshop is extremely valuable and helpful in two major areas. One is how to better and more effectively communicate with colleagues and supervisors. If more people throughout the state were exposed to Synergistic Leadership the result would be that we would all become much more unified and productive, with less conflict and hard feelings. The course has taught me that there are more effective ways to work together. The second reason relates to my gaining greater understanding and empathy for those working in other, sometimes opposing, job capacities. I learned that the vast majority of people in our park service have a common goal or goals and would love to see them achieved. Synergistic Leadership will let that occur.
Harold Mitchell, Biologist H, District 1 Administration

This workshop is a valuable instrument when used in the workplace or the home. Leadership based on the principles and methods taught in Synergistic Leadership will allow positive to win out over negative. The time devoted to this training is well spent.
Lawrence Campbell, Park Ranger, Grayton Beach S.R.A.

I know that the Toolbox which I have learned how to use will come in handy in my life...it has already. I plan to use every Tool every minute of every day because I think that it could be a great way to begin the day and end the day. I plan to sit in front of my Toolbox poster in the evening and know that I have done my best and then close the Toolbox until the next morning.
Daniel Joyner, Park Ranger, Tallahassee/St. Marks Geopark

Synergy was a surprise to me! I expected something similar to all the other classes I have attended. It was not. The time spent in sharing our ideas was a very valuable part of the workshop. I saw a lot of enthusiasm for the class among all the participants. I think that taking Synergistic Leadership together would be useful for co-workers who are having problems working as a team. It has helped me focus on the behaviors I need to work with people in my job and at home.
Janet Hayes, Reservations Coordinator, Wakulla Springs State Park Lodge

In this workshop I found other park people who experience the same everyday ups and downs I do. There were ideas expressed by all that can be used at different levels for improvement all around.
Toll Collector (unsigned)

Synergistic Leadership has affected me both internally and externally. Internally, it has given me a step-by-step way of examining myself...who I am and, most importantly, who I want to be. In using the Tools I can get a clear picture of what I am asking myself and what my answers are without beating myself up to do it. Judgment and solutions can be reached with what is probably the most unbiased view one can attain. Externally, I have learned to be a little more accepting of what I see as other people's faults. Clear communication is a must in exchanging ideas and information, and it is definitely a learned skill, not one most people are born with. Synergistic Leadership is great atteaching this. Once communication is being done as effectively as possible, I find there aren't as many faults as I once thought. I have found that there are many great and wonderful aspects to people. Thanks Henry!
Caffray Keller, Americorps, District 1, FPS

When I started this Synergistic Leadership workshop, I had come to a very difficult time in my life--starting with a house fire and a divorce after 14 years of marriage. I have been able to use the Synergistic Leadership Tools to help work through these difficult times. I have also been able to use the Tools to further my career. As always, Henry, I think you are an inspirational teacher who keeps it fun. Thanks again., special blessings to you and your family.., extra Plusses to you... you are Great!
Sonya Scaif, Park Ranger, Florida Caverns State Park

My park manager had taken Synergistic Leadership the last time and I had noticed a conscious change in him. When the course became available, I wanted to take it because it did so well for him. I am glad I did!
Mike Rubash, Park Ranger, Tallahassee/St. Marks Geopark

We need this Leadership Training in the park service and DEP. We should also have refresher courses annually. This would reduce conflicts and increase productivity if used. The more people that take this course the better off we will be.
Park Ranger (unsigned)

Motivation at the park is at an all time high. Employees are starting to work as a team. I have seen specific improvement in employees that have displayed a past negative attitude. I have seen the most negative employee convert into a positive mentor and trainer for our new employees. There has been an increase in professional demeanor and image. There is a lot of value in this program, it needs to keep running so that the FPS can take advantage of this opportunity.
Cecil Dykes, Park Manager, St. Andrews S.R.A.

Synergistic Leadership has improved communication among the staff at my park. Since most of our staff have learned the Toolbox, much of the communication is outlined by the calculated behaviors which we now use. Communication is no longer lost in wondering generalities but more focused on the meaning and subject of the issue needing resolution. This flow of communication has reduced employee stress by allowing ideas to be openly discussed. Synergistic Leadership has made a more efficient workforce at my park because communications are better understood and there are less mistakes or needs to redo job assignments.
Patrick Richards, Park Manager, Ochiockonee River State Park

As a new Assistant Park Manager, Synergistic Leadership has been a valuable resource in developing my career. It came in a timely manner. I could give several specific examples. However, most importantly, it was responsible for retaining two valuable park rangers who are an asset to the park service. I believe this happened because Synergistic Leadership changed the manner in which they were being managed.

Productivity has improved at my park because the park manager, Bill Maphis, is now 100% committed using Synergistic Leadership to growing competent and mature individuals before promoting them.
Robert Uptagrafft, Park Ranger, Florida Caverns State Park

My manager had taken the Synergistic Leadership workshop before me. I noticed a conscious change in his behavior.. .(for the better). When the course became available again, I wanted to take it because it did so well for him. I'm glad I did!
Mike Rubash, Park Ranger, Tallahassee/St. Marks Geopark

At Florida Caverns we are able to openly identify de-energizers in the park and slowly but surely, working with the Synergistic Leadership Toolbox and our manager, Bill Maphis, resolve them. We have started a ZWE Culture.
Sonya Scaif, Park Ranger, Florida Caverns State Park


Being in this class with my park manager has benefited me. Now, we are both more openwith each other. We have come to know each other better and since we now use the Toolbox, communication is greatly improved.
Lawrence Campbell, Park Ranger, Grayton Beach S.R.A.

Synergistic Leadership has caused everyone at my park to slowly become more team oriented. With more and more people going to Synergistic Leadership, more and more positive change will occur.
Debra L. Walker, Park Ranger, St. Andrews S.R.A.

My group uses Synergistic Leadership a lot. We recently used the Bucket to open lines of communication that never would have been explored among our members otherwise. Synergistic Leadership has improved our productivity because it is very effective and very helpful.
Caffray Keller, District 1 Americorps

At Wakulla Springs there is more communication between employees that have attended Synergistic Leadership. However, there is some resentment by those who have not yet been given the opportunity to attend.

I believe the Florida Park Service can get on a road to effective interpersonal behaviors if they will adopt Synergistic Leadership.
Jean Kock, Park Ranger, Maclay State Gardens

My personal productivity has improved due to Synergy. It has allowed me to learn things that really work no matter how hard the situation is. Also, my improved productivity, I hope, will help others to be more productive.
Daniel Joyner, Park Ranger, Tallahassee/St. Marks Geopark

Over the last few months, I have seen a greater willingness of District 1's managerial staff (both park and district office) to have a more open mind and increased communication among each other. This has been a refreshing change and a boost to morale. Rangers and biologists alike have expressed happiness that their concerns are actually being listened to. I truly hope this training continues.
Harold Mitchell, Biologist II, District 1 Administration

Working with one another has gotten better--productivity has improved--one step at a time. Great training for present and future employees!
Lee Pyles, Maintenance Mechanic, Wakulla Springs State Park and Lodge

I think that Synergy is still in its embryonic stages at Wakulla Springs--many of the managers have taken it and now a portion of the staff--but I have not seen it as a group effort yet. One example of how we have begun a ZWE Culture was the Chefs Sampler event. I would say that the combined efforts of the Lodge and Park to win first prize was one of the few times that the Park and Lodge worked together to achieve a common goal.
Janet Hayes, Scheduling Coordinator, Wakulla Springs State Park and Lodge

I have seen a good change in my co-workers. They are now working together to make things better. I see a big difference in my manager. One of our assistant managers is doing great but the other one still needs a lot of help. We are Plussing at our park!
D.R. Brown, Park Attendant, Wakulla Springs State Park and Lodge

I have been able to complete projects assigned to me at a faster pace because I have gotten better at getting the cooperation and assistance I needed from my co-workers. Really, throughout the last several months my productivity has increased.
Pamela Murfey, Park Program Specialist, Choctaw Geopark

By getting rid of some of SNI, I see others in the park striving to make a better difference--they want to create a workplace that can make a difference. I see some people trying to better their world by communicating and Plussing others (that is so needed) in the park.
Sandra Cashes, Park Ranger, Big Lagoon S.R.A.

I have seen increases in teamwork between management and staff. Synergy will continue to increase productivity the more it is used. I hope this program will continue and expand in our parks.

I believe that Synergistic Leadership has helped management to become more aware of employees' value and where they stand in the scheme of things. There is still much work to be done.
Dorothy Richards, Administrative Secretary, St. Andrews S.R.A.

Synergy has opened up lines of communication at my park.
Steve Young, Park Ranger, Blackwater State Park

Synergistic Leadership is a holistic approach to increasing productivity. I have seen it increase productivity in many specific ways, such as, communications, goal setting, information sharing, mentoring, reducing conflict, and creating more appropriate leadership behaviors. The interpersonal skills taught have had an excellent effect on me and my plussing of others.
Mike Finn, District 1 Americorps

Over the course of my synergistic training and application I have learned to become less self-involved and more in-tune and focused on sharing my personal thoughts and feelings with others on how I have reached a decision or recommended course of action.
Roland Hall, Operations Manager

I wish that all of my co-workers could have attended Synergistic Leadership. It has strengthened the District. It helped me to better identify who is causing the holes in the Bucket as well as who is helping to fill the holes. This workshop has helped me empower my staff. I am amazed at the amount of material covered by Synergistic Leadership. I would like to thank the FPS for this workshop.
William Roberts, Manager, Wakulla Spring Hotel Restaurant

I now appreciate that "what gets reinforced gets repeated."
William T. Maphis, Manager, Florida Caverns State Park

Yes, Synergistic Leadership has had a lasting impact on me. I always refer to the Master Manager Toolbox poster when the need arises in both professional and private relationships. I am a better listener and have been applying results gained.
Russell A. Williams, Manager, Three Rivers S.R.A.

I have become an "active listener" and more open minded.
Robert Barlow, Manager, Blackwater River State Park

Synergistic Leadership has taught me how to not accept "Behavior A" when, in reality, I want "Behavior B" from another or others. Now, I make this a part of my daily life.
Willie Williams, Manager, Falling Waters S.R.A.

Yes, Synergistic Leadership has had many lasting impacts on both my professional and private relationships and behaviors regarding teamwork. For example, during our park's monthly personnel meetings, we have been applying the "Tools" when processing issues. Now, everyone leaves feeling like a winner!
Phillip S. Leeser, Manager, Big Lagoon S.R.A.

Although I rarely consciously use the Master Manager Tools which I learned in Synergistic Leadership, I see their results throughout our district. Increased communication and cooperation has occurred from understanding each others' differences. De-energizers are frequently very similar regardless of an employee's position or the size of the operation. If there are common threads that link de-energizers or opportunities throughout the agency, we should be able to solve or implement them as a group. The Master Manager Tools taught in Synergistic Leadership will allow us to do just that!
Sandy Cook, Manager, Wakulla Springs State Park

This April, I assumed the management of St. George Island State Park. Prior to April, I was the manager of Fort Zachary Taylor State Historic Site, District 5 FPS. Therefore, I have not attended the Synergistic Leadership Workshop. However, I would like to make a few comments based on my observations. When I came on board as park manager at St. George, I heard about the Synergistic Leadership Workshop and how much it has affected the personnel who attended. All feedback seemed to be positive, so I took the time to review its book and workbook. I feel the program may be of great value. I base this on feedback from the park staff. In particular, one of our staff who attended the workshop, by this employee's own admission, lacked a lot of people skills prior to taking the workshop. Since completing the workshop, I have heard from all our staff about the positive changes in this employee and how these changes have improved work relationships and their personal lives.
Mike Petty, Manager, St. George Island State Park

Synergistic Leadership has allowed me to identify and deal with "de-energizers" in my workplace. I have been able to effectively use the Master Manager Toolbox to work with and through others so that we can better live with "predicaments" or remove problems. Synergistic thinking has allowed me to reduce my personal level of frustration when dealing with others who have difficult personalities. Also, I have learned to recognize that I have the choice to either react emotionally to a challenge or to pick an appropriate Tool from the poster and apply it so that the resolution is beneficial to all parties. Finally, this course has helped me to live with disappointment in my personal life.
Anne Harvey, Manager, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

Synergistic Leadership has made me become more open to others. Now, I listen to others rather than being caught up in the fast pace of running a park and tuning them out. I have discovered that they are telling me things of importance. Also, I now involve others when important decisions and choices need to be made.
Paul Rice, Manager, Torreya State Park

I have always believed that my success is measured by the people who work for me. I believe that Synergistic Leadership Personal Profile Assessments should be done regularly and those people who score low by "Others'-assessment" should take this training.
Carl Keen, Manager, Choctaw GEOpark

Because of Synergistic Leadership and the Synergy Retreats, at Maclay Gardens we identified an "Opportunity" (Park Growth Plan) to work on: To increase visitor satisfaction through an improved interpretive program. To effect this change, we have begun to offer regularly scheduled interpretive and recreational skill programs. This is innovative for us because formerly our tours and slide programs were given only on request. This has allowed a more proactive approach to community outreach. Because of Synergy, we also identified a "De-energizer" (Park Growth Plan): To work on better managing conflict. To that end, we are careful to not let little conflicts pile up to become big ones. We have had several active discussions of the Synergistic Leadership Master Manager Toolbox. We have discussed details about how personality types can create natural conflict and how to resolve those problems. These discussions have allowed people at Maclay to come to a new understanding and appreciation of one another. Our people are learning to see their "blind sides" without feeling threatened. On a personal level, I have learned to listen and understand others better. I have also learned some of my weak spots and have used the Master Manager Toolbox to achieve more balance between work and personal life.
Beth Weidner, Manager, Maclay State Gardens

Even though I have been out sick for four months, I have been using all of the Tools within the Master Manager Toolbox. I have become much better at listening and understanding what others are saying to me - even when I do not agree with them. I appreciate the opportunity to take this program and feel like it should continue.
Johnny M. Goodson, APM, Florida Caverns State Park

Synergistic Leadership has given me a framework by which teams can be built and developed. It creates basic structures that organizations can use to identify and achieve common goals. The organizational and personal assessments create opportunities for candid, honest and open discussions. I feel that this program has given me a simple no-nonsense approach to using the management skills that most of us possess. I enjoyed the interaction with others in my district.
John Ahier, Asst. Manager, Wakulla Springs Hotel/Restaurant

"Tools" in the hands of a craftsperson create art. Leadership is an art. The Synergistic Leadership Workshop is producing a collection of "fine art" that will be displayed each day to our park visitors. Real Florida.. .Real Art. As Edward Demming once said, "People are Important." Synergistic Leadership has been an investment in "managerial art for our people." Thank you for this canvas of growth.
Michael S. Heller, APM, Wakulla Springs State Park

The workshop has been very useful to me because it presented organizational skills that can lead to goal achievement through reduced conflict and increased cooperation.
Mark Wielgorecki, APM, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

This program was very helpful in identifying my weaknesses as a manager and improving my skills to overcome those weaknesses. Also, I noticed this same thing within my co-workers who also took the course. Synergy has helped me to improve the working relationships not only between myself and my subordinates, but also between my subordinates. I have become better at working with and through others. This has allowed me to improve the attitudes of others and, thereby, improve their interpersonal behaviors. I highly recommend the course for all FPS employees.
Bill Kellerman, APM, Tallahassee/St. Marks GEOpark

Because of this workshop, I now understand how my personal "preferences" have caused me an unduly amount of personal frustration and anger at others who simply see things differently. Now, I identify real "problems" and work on ways to manage or remove them, along with better living with my "preferences" within an imperfect world. I have learned that perception is reality and if I want respect and cooperation from others I must know and understand their perceptions. I have made efforts to be more than a manager or supervisor. I continue to spend more "quality time" with employees. I am now delegating more. It causes employees to become more involved and feel a bigger part of the operation. This has allowed me to devote more time to better performing my job. Further, I have found that delegation gets the job done as well as when I would do everything myself. Shocking...isn't it!
Ron Weiss, APM Wakulla Springs State Park

Synergistic Leadership has created a big improvement in both management styles and teamwork in our district's parks. If the effects continue (it takes time to recover from bad experiences) teamwork in our parks will improve because communications will continue to improve. Personally, this workshop has affected me through self-examination. I have become more patient (through learning and using empathy) with others and their situations. I have developed a personal life! I plan on continued development. I now have less stress. I no longer allow normal operational problems to affect me as personal failures.
Bonnie Hickman, APM, Big Lagoon S.R.A.

This workshop provided everyone that participated with an excellent opportunity to learn, grow, and interact with each other. It was a "Team" commitment and a "Team" Success. I am proud of each participant and of their individual efforts and hard work. I feel that Synergistic Leadership and its Master Manager Toolbox will help all of us to be better prepared for the 21St century and assist us in carrying out our mission. Thanks Henry for your professional presentation of an outstanding and meaningful workshop.
Ed Higgins, Chief, Florida Park Service, District 1

Synergistic Leadership is a must in the way of an operator's manual for work and life. Not only does it provide practical, concrete tools to understand and positively effect all challenges but endears you to an inspiration to succeed and exceed your expectations.
Roland G. Hall, Operations Manager, Florida Park Service, District 1

Attending Synergistic Leadership has been an amazing experience. The Master Manager oolbox is more effective than I could have imagined. I am going to hang a Toolbox poster not only in my office but also in my home.This workshop provided me with insights into my personality. I have accelerated my ability to produce behavioral changes in myself and others. I am proud to have been a member of this leadership class. Helene A. Square, Secretary Specialist, St. George Island State ParkAlthough I am not in management, I would encourage this workshop for anyone who wants to become a manager. I have applied this workshop to my personal life along with business associates as a means of achieving harmony. Creating a culture that District 1 can be proud of is what this workshop can achieve if we all work at it instead of against it. Synergistic Leadership is absolutely the way to accomplish it.
Grace Foster, Administrative Assistant, St. Andrews State Recreation Area

This workshop has given me a new look at myself and what I can do about improving myself and relationships with others.
Pat Locke, Secretary Specialist, Florida Caverns State Park

Synergistic Leadership has helped me most of all with my ability to listen to others actively. I also feel that the Toolbox poster will be a reminder to use a calculated behavior that works. Most of these techniques I intend to use the rest of my life. I don't know if synergy will burn through the district like wildfire, but I do believe it has profoundly changed most people participating in the workshop. I have changed from being so separated to being more integrated with others - several minds are greater than one. The workshop was really enjoyable. I enjoyed the interactions and fellowship with District 1 park staff. Henry was the best instructor. Thanks for the opportunity to better myself, communicate with others. The principles of Synergistic Leadership, if used by leaders in the FPS can change the entire organization. The trick will be to continue using the Toolbox. Park managers have the ability to change behaviors at the park level, regardless of issues outside their control. If enough individual parks change then critical mass will be achieved! In order for Synergistic Leadership to continue to be effective after the course, the enthusiasm must not die on the vine.
Sandy Cook, Manager, Wakulla Springs S.P.

These ten sessions have caused me to see myself as others see me. I was pleased, overall. Some of what I learned will help me change to fill my voids. I now understand how perception is reality. I can grow into a better person. The Toolbox will cause me to more often stop and think before I act. By taking this workshop, I've used the Toolbox to quit smoking cigarettes, and with the support of the other participants, I know that I'll be successful in staying off cigarettes.
Bruce H. Drye, Maintenance Mechanic, St. George Island State Park

This workshop should be mandatory park manager training. The class was useful in that it brought things to the surface that had been lying dormant for a very long time. Bylabeling and applying visual references (Tools) to skills that are infrequently used, the Synergistic Leadership course has provided me with a practical means of deliberate application. Many of the skills have been well known for some time, but infrequently and haphazardly applied. Synergistic Leadership is a complete interpersonal skills package.
Roy Ogles, Manager, St. George Island State Park

Synergistic Leadership and its Master Manager Toolbox has helped me by giving me visual aids that I can refer to and by also organizing methods I can use to accomplish common goals. Thanks Henry.
Bill Maphis, Manager, Florida Caverns State Park

This workshop has helped me to recognize weaknesses in my interpersonal skills and has taught me the way to improve on them.
Willie F. Williams, Manager, Falling Waters State Recreation Area

The workshop has improved my efforts and abilities to interact with others in my career and personal life. Mostly, it has enhanced my perception of the need to involve others and to be cognizant of the needs and potential contributions and roles of other persons. Synergistic Leadership has helped me understand myself and why I react to certain situations and how to work with and through other people.
Jane Goodson, Accountant, District 1 Administration



Government/Military Testimonials

"I definitely feel that Synergistic Leadership will be the future's industry standard. It has given me a Toolbox of interpersonal skills for better understanding, developing and helping myself and others."
Capt. Emilio C. Gurrea, USAF
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Graduate Student


"I found Synergistic Leadership and its Master Manager Toolbox to be of great value both at home and on the job. The toolbox has helped me to focus many leadership and managerial concepts into something made to be used and not just studied."
Capt. Geoffrey F. Weiss, USAF
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Graduate Student


I've experienced Synergistic Leadership first-hand and found it to be a true awakening. Keep plussing!
Anthony Plants, Sgt., USAF



Bay Regional Medical Center Testimonials
The models were excellent - have been using them at home, church, and school. Using at work has been more difficult especially Nursing department. 
Wish we were empowered at BMC to use the material.
Would have like to do class with my manager. Re-enlightening her and together we may have made an impact.
May want to get upper management to go through class so they can help facilitate change and progress.
have thoroughly enjoyed this class and the interesting way it was presented. I have learned a lot aboutmyself and expect and anticipate a change in my role as a leader, teacher and motivator in my job and also in my personal life.
You are an excellent teacher and I’m looking forward to the next class.
I have really enjoyed this program. It has helped me learn a lot about myself and dealing with others. Thank you for the opportunity and knowledge you have given.
I like all the information I got from the class, especially the case study at the end of the workshop. The class made me stop and think every time I have any contact with my staff.
I have been taking workshops of this type for 30 years. This course was easily the most informative (and interesting) and provided best and user-friendly, tools. I have learned a great deal (even at my age!) Thank you Henry. Now teach the course to Administration!
The class was a great success. Directing role and How to Motivate Others. Henry, you are a great teacher. I have learned about leadership style and I will use it in my everyday living. I have learned a lot that will follow me for a lifetime.
I’ve enjoyed this class so much in that it came just at the right time in my life. At first, I didn’t take this class seriously, but after the first two, I started really working on this class and my goals. I enjoyed the models.
Very thought provoking. I was given tools I can really use in the office and in relationships outside the office.
This class has been very interesting, and it has helped me to learn a lot.
Very effective speaker and great deliverance of a rather dry topic. Thoroughly enjoyable.
The course has made me more aware of myself and how others see me. I need change and motivation first, then I can help my co-workers. Johan window and learning continuum a must for everyone.
Great instructor; materials excellent. Would like more classes available here at BMC with Henry as an instructor. Feel it will be very advantageous in the future. Really enjoyed the Class!!!
Assessment phase allowed me to see on paper what others thought about me.
Liked the instructor’s ability to keep you interested in the material and want to apply it.
The workshop was excellent. I did not always have the time to come (with work, ACLS, etc.) but once I was here for a few minutes, I was able to shift down and enjoy the classes. Thank you.
I really enjoyed this class and feel that Henry is an excellent teacher. He makes it fun to learn and participate in class.
The whole workshop was very good. I learned a lot about myself, and feel I’ve got lots to work on. It was an “enlightening” experience, and the atmosphere encouraged discussion and questions. Henry has a way of making everyone feel their concerns are valid and worth taking time to explore the possible solutions.
Learning how to communicate with people, that it is okay to open up. We learn by our mistakes, and it is Ok to make a mistake. I would like to see the class continue, because it has been very helpful to me. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.
Henry has made himself available to me to talk, listen and help with problems other than class time. He is a very special and concerned person that has much knowledge that he willingly shares. Excellent job. I’ve learned and enjoyed the class. Henry shows a love for people and their concerns and it shows in everything he says and does.
Henry is really sincere in concern of students, not just grades but that we learned something. Would like to see some “individual” classes on personal self improvement.
This course came at a time in my life when I needed to know what was taught — “The Miracle” you talked about. It helped me survive the changes within the office and made me realize what was going on. Actually what happened with the personnel - confusion, despondence was normal and expected. My only wish was that all could have taken the class so they would have known what was happening. Again, thanks.
I most liked that I could apply what I learned to the work scene. Every workshop model was easily applied to my job area - easily understood, just sometimes hard to apply.
The encouraged class participation without being called on in class by name was much appreciated. I felt free to comment but not put on the spot. Class was very relaxed and enjoyable. I feel I learn and retain better when not under pressure and not having to worry about being called on left me free to pay total attention instead of trying to plan ahead in my head of what to say in case called on.
I think the class helped me with management strategies and was informative and enlightening. Thanks.
This has been the best class I have ever attended. It not only taught me things about myself, but other people. It was a great class.
This class has helped me to be able to understand and be able to help my employees better. I love the Johan Window. It’s very helpful. I can’t stand to leave something unfinished, but I’ve learned with this class some times its better to walk away, regroup and try again over that cup of coffee.
Thank you Henry for this class! I wasn’t excited at first, but as time went on I found this very useful. I’ve used it with family and employees.
The course confirmed some of my feelings regarding the lack of professional growth in the middle management layer at BMC - Management needs to manage people according to their ability, not tradition.
Mr. Doster encouraged me to do things that I wouldn’t have done without this push. I feel that I can better do my job and communicate better with the people I work with.
I have taken management courses at Harvard and they didn’t come close to the multi-media complexity and simplicity which held my attention. My memory bank will be able to recall several months from now all of the main points. My hat is off to your skill in this.
This course will be of great benefit in helping me to work with people and in seeing myself. I know I will use what I have learned not only in my work, but in other areas of my life.
Henry Doster not only presented the material, he brought it to life. I was able to recall and use the models. I found this course to be not only informational, but highly motivating. Many thanks.
Henry is an outstanding teacher! I learned a lot and was impressed with his ability to teach non-business majors, in a way we could all apply the information to our areas - nursing, housekeeping, finance, social services, etc. Henry Doster is an asset to BMC and we are very fortunate to have him here. I enjoyed every session and found nothing presented that did not benefit me and my professional and personal growth.
I know that evaluations that don’t vary aren’t “supposed” to be very reliable, but this one is right on target. I’ve never been this “psyched-up” about a course. If there was one thing I could add to this class, it would be another 11 weeks. No, really, I would add just one week around the conflict resolution. It would be interesting to see maybe some video clips of conflicts and the resolution process in action. Talking about it is always the easiest, but actually doing it. The clips we viewed in the clas were extremely valuable to watch someone do it (even if it was just scripted material) was beneficial, and after all, twelve weeks is an even number.
I can’t really say what I know I have learned. I know I will stop and think more in conversation with other people. I will look at people in a new way not judge them. I just want you to know you have helped.
This workshop really has encouraged me to grow in my job duties and my own life.
The workshop was fantastic. It has been the most helpful and informative workshop I have attended. I couldn’t imagine spending 12 weeks doing this, but now wish we had about 2 more classes for review and discussion. It is wonderful to have a mechanism to put names to techniques that I had unknowingly used and to be able to know where to streamline and fine tune to get the desired results. It seemed to take our group about 9 or 10 classes to meld and begin to work or discuss together and it was wonderful! I just wish we could have meshed sooner and had longer to really interact, but maybe we can continue this in our outside circles.
Thank you so much. The ease in talking with people and their problems is great.
I appreciated the good group. Great Material. I look forward to using the audio cart. A lot of information to absorb but can be used later. A very non-threatening/learning class. Thank you Henry and Administration for providing this class.
I liked the relationship to Spirituality the most. All that we have and are is through the grace of God. This is important to realize in all aspects of life and acknowledging this at work has helped open floodgates for me. Henry provided clear, concise information that related to all aspects of life.
Really appreciated the closing day. I feel that the class has been generally very quiet. Most of the participants I gathered were introverts and I see myself as a true extrovert. I was so glad to see how everyone shined on the top and the end with their ‘warm-hearted experience. I thank you for the opportunity to grow again in my life and I intend to constantly “master” the tools I have learned. The material you have gathered and outlined for this class is quality and excellent material that I will use and hope to be a model to others in my whole life. Thank you Henry for providing BMC with this class and for caring about everyone around. (That’s an extra “warm fuzzy” for you). You’re a special person.
This class will help improve my life personally and professionally. Thanks.
I liked everything - this is a life preserver thrown to a drowning woman. Thank you.
Henry was able to convey his enthusiasm and commitment to the subject. The use of overheads inconjunction with lectures was very well coordinated. Henry’s use of white boards with the overheadsproved to be effective.
This workshop has provided me with an exceptional amount of resource material as well as given mea basis for improvement in my home life and professional environment. It has helped me to sort and analyze different type employees and situations so that I might better understand change and the reason for changes. With skills provided, I will be able to not only understand the leadership/employee role, but be able to deal with these life situations. This was indeed an excellent workshop, which was presented in an extraordinarily professional manner.
Henry’s sincere interest in the class - a real people person. Material was truly thought provoking. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity to learn more about myself as an individual and to use the information presented for additional growth in many areas.
I am now better prepared for the changes taking place at work and will be better prepared to accept the new roles coming my way. I have more control at work and am less exhausted at the end of the day. Trying to use the leadership styles, Johan Window, etc. is not as worrisome and is actually working.
You are an excellent role model. The depth of your preparation in putting this together is well appreciated. No college course in management could touch this one. I got tired at times because the classes were long but so intense that I never lost interest.
The tools are very helpful, difficult to start using but helpful. I learned so much, thanks.
I admire the work that you do! It takes a special person to teach & communicate to people what you have done for us.
I have learned so much from this class and look forward to continuing in future classes.
Situational Leadership Session was most helpful.
The content was very good and I enjoyed going over all the aspects of leadership. I also enjoyed Henry’s willingness to discuss everything until it was completely understood and didn’t rush everyone.
I felt we could contribute to class without feeling pressure to talk. I felt comfortable to ask questions if I wanted to. The tools we were given should help us be better managers/charge nurses.
Instructor was very effective and always well prepared for the class. The last class was eye opening!! Everyone of us gained so much from this class. Thank you.
This class has helped me increase the effectiveness of my workers as a team, helped my quality time with my family.
I have enjoyed this class thoroughly. Mr. Doster is an excellent teacher. He has given me a good toolbox and tools to use both in my personal and professional life.


Welcome to Leaderistics.com, home of LEADERISTICS - Leadership for Life. We have many fine programs all aimed at providing each person with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to take control of their personal, professional, and spiritual lives, while increasing their successes at working with and through others to identify and achieve common goals - in life and career. Leaderistics is for all types of learners, from those who enjoy a global overview to those who need specific details with calculated behaviors.

For over 20 years, Dr. Doster has been an industry leader, public speaker, teacher and lecturer on the best principles and practices of leadership, management and personal development for a number of companies and organizations, while his book has sold throughout the United States and Europe.

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A bit about Us, our mission, our philosophy and our goals for our students/visitors...

About Leaderistics

Created and refined through more than twenty years of validated use, our Leaderistics program and it's Synergistic Leadership Toolbox form the basis and grounding philosophy driving all our programs...



Even though we KNOW our programs work, and have over twenty years of experience and happy, fufilled participants, we just can't say more about our programs better than the past participants can themselves...

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Our Mission

The mission of Leaderistics.com is both personal and organizational. It is to provide learning experiences that heighten personal awareness and expand personal openness so that the highest measurable improvements in spiritual and personal growth, interpersonal cooperation and operational effectiveness are achieved. Retreats and workshops are usually designed to focus on one or the other. However, integrated experiences are often requested.

   Our Vision

   "Creating Strength through Service"

Our History and Philosophy

The Institute for Planning & Needs Assessment or IPANA is the creative vision of noted author and educator Dr. Henry C. Doster Ph.D. twenty years ago he realized that there was something missing from the developing Leadership and Management theories of the time, and went about to fill that gap. A copyright held since 1995, Leaderistics fills that void. To support Leaderistics IPANA has grown to include Doster Publishing, and various web entities now combined into Leaderistics.com. Unlike other theories such as TQM and TQL that focus on "Process", Leaderistics and its Synergistic Leadership Toolbox places the focus squarely where it NEEDS to be - on PEOPLE. Why do many of these other "Flavor of the Month" leadership training programs not work?? - they don't focus on working from WITHIN the individual to modify core behavior patterns that will ultimately sabotage efforts to change. Take a moment to consider some realities....

Most organizations demand productivity. Yet, the internal “culture” (the way things really are done around here...) often adversely affects productivity.
Organizations boldly challenge people to achieve the “mission”, yet, individual and group norms often adversely affect achieving the mission.
Leaders are responsible to “lead positive change”, yet, often refuse to deal with problems that adversely affect potential positive outcomes.

Is there a reliable map to show us the way? What do we really need to know to become our best? Can an organization create a culture in which people are shown how to work with and through each other to identify and achieve common goals? IPANA has those answers and they're found in Leaderistics.

Today, most experts agree that “good leaders have strong people skills.” Therefore, the traditional blend of technical ability and leadership skills must be complemented with the strong people skills necessary for facilitating individual and group successes. Improving interpersonal skills is the key. How can this be accomplished in the “real world”?

Based on a solid foundation of behavioral, social and business sciences, Leaderistics Synergistic Leadership Toolbox equips individuals and organizations to succeed at working with and through others to identify and achieve common goals. This is the road, quite often, less traveled today - but, the expressway of tomorrow. By ensuring a clear understanding of internal and external needs and expectations, we learn to work together to realistically deal with workplace challenges. We can all agree that there are personal and organizational weaknesses - things that need improvement. But how can we make a real difference? Synergistic Leadership has a documented track record of 40% performance enhancement by most participants in our one- year post-assessment. It has made all the difference.

This is the failing of many other "Leadership" programs, they neither pre nor post assess your organization. How can these "Cookie Cutter" programs work when they don't even know what they're dealing with - quite frankly, they don't. They amount to "feel good" programs that are temporary, transient and an expensive exercise in giving a few people "warm fuzzies". Do yourself a favor, ask an organization that has been through these "Cookie Cutter" training programs for a one year post-assessment - did they work over the "long haul"?? Normally, the answer is no. Synergistic Leadership has proven itself in 10 years of exhaustive post assessment data collection - See data...we KNOW it works.


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It would be our sincere pleasure to assist you in any way we can. It is our belief that by living and teaching the principles found within Leaderistics & Leadership for life we are not only giving but receiving a joyus gift. Creating strength through service - the core of Leaderistics. Feel free to contact us below, or by using our contact page.


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