Introduction to Thy Journey's Path

Science & Religion


 Scientific reasoning and spiritual understanding are considered often to be mutually exclusive domains of knowledge. Proponents of each should work to combine their knowledge rather than considering them as unrelated dimensions of thought. Graphically, each seems to be considered as a separate dimension of thought that never meets the other:

Spiritual  Understanding.

Scientific Reasoning

 However, each dimension is simply on different parts of the same continuous circle of Truth: utterances from God.

Spiritual  Understanding

Scientific Reasoning

Thy Journey's Path addresses how both dimensions are companion dimensions of thought existing on and integrated within the same circle of Truth and destined to meet and combine with one another. Together, spiritual understanding and scientific reasoning combine into a true explanation of how (scientific reasoning) and why (spiritual understanding) the Big Bang occurred.

Thy Journey's Path is an explanation of how the Big Bang occurred and created our universe. Further, this reasoning is related to both spiritual understanding and scientific explanation. Generally, this explanation will show that the original spark-spirits made by God as companions generated disruptive energy through their thoughts, words, and deeds within God's Universe that eventually caused the explosion -the Big Bang.  We will explore through scientific reasoning the physics of that explosion and how it created our universe. We will explain through spiritual understanding the spark-spirits' disruptive behavior before and during the Big Bang as well as the consequences between that time and the spark-spirits' eventual reunion with God in His Universe.


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A chance for people to get away from their normal routines, learn, grow and experience our unique programs like no other way possible...

Leadership For Life

Our program for young people, providing them communication and self awareness skills that will last them a lifetime and establish a solid foundation on which to build future success...

Synergistic Systems Design

A program that helps individuals take a systems level approach to improving both their personal and business relationships and managerial skills...

Synergistic Growth Program

This highest level of the Synergistic Systems Design process uses a 360° performance appraisal system embedded in our Synergistic Growth Program, as with all our other programs, these can be customized for any organization or business, large or small...



Synergistic Systems Design

Dr. Doster provides Synergistic Systems Design (SSD) as a training and development program for organizational managers, supervisors, and key individuals. This program is an excellent opportunity to encourage and reward employees who are showing leadership or the potential for leadership.

The purpose of the Synergistic Systems Design (SSD) program is to provide a comprehensive, systematic management development program that emphasizes knowledge acquisition and skill development for private and public sector leaders at all organizational levels. The program requires a high degree of commitment and application from the participants. The entire program consists of seven levels. Each level stands alone.


The SSD curriculum consists of seven levels. Each level is composed of workshop instruction, small and full group interaction, required reading, completion of work-related projects, and open discussion and evaluation. The curriculum is delivered within a highly participative and interactive learning environment. The curriculum's goal is to show measurable enhancements within specific interpersonal behaviors and operational skills such that participants improve at "working with and through others to identify and achieve common goals." Most of the instructional materials are published by IPANA.

Level Iconsists of developing a 360-degree personal and organizational pre-assessment baseline. Level II focuses on participants understanding and applying the Synergistic Leadership Toolbox. Levels III and IV transfer the knowledge, heightened awareness, and confidence gained from Levels I and II into direct application-based projects within the participants' workplace. Level V consists of a 360-degree personal and organizational post-assessment of those participants who completed at least Levels I and II. Level VI uses a 360-degree professional development program to integrate Leaderistics into an organization's operational processes and culture. Level VII guides participants through the creation of a product development or market penetration proposal.

Description of SSD Levels

The following is a brief description of each SSD level. The specific content of each may vary with the needs of participants or the host organization. Completion of the first six levels qualifies the participant for the IPANA Certificate in Synergistic Systems Design.

LEVEL I: 360-degree Personal and Organizational Baseline Profiles-Participants attend two sessions. During the first session, they receive instructions related to completing their confidential pre-assessment Personal Profile. At the subsequent session, participants receive and review their pre-assessment Personal Profiles. An Aggregated Organizational Profile is provided to the host organization and used for review purposes. As the Aggregated Organizational Profile is explained, participants review and evaluate their personal results. Participants are encouraged to transfer their perceptions of the self and others' data into personal visioning or goal commitments that can be worked on during Level II.

LEVEL II:Leaderistics Workshop-The specific "calculated behaviors" within each of the eight Tools of the Synergistic Leadership Toolbox are systematically presented, discussed, and related to workplace and personal situations, objectives, and goals. Various delivery formats are available ranging from weekly to monthly. Each workshop session starts with an in-depth discussion by participants of how the preceding session's Tool and its "calculated behaviors" actually worked during their application experiences.

LEVEL III: Retreats and Interpersonal Compressions-These are usually one to three days in length. Participants are challenged in retreat settings and discussions to explore specific issues that define their organization. Contemporary issues in leadership and management styles are presented and discussed.

LEVEL IV:SWOTS Analysis, Strategic Visioning and Action Planning-Participants receive two to four days of management development in which they formulate an organizational Strategic Vision or Mission Statement and action plan. Prior to this workshop, a SWOTS Analysis is completed by the host organization. Then, the organization's internal strengths and weaknesses, market opportunities and threats, as well as internal personal negative stressors are used as the basis for strategic visioning and action planning.

LEVEL V:360-degree Personal and Organizational Post-Assessment-This level consists of two sessions. The first session gathers the post-assessment personal and organizational data. The second session compares post-assessment and pre-assessment baseline data so that specific behavioral and operational enhancements, resulting from the SSD program, can be identified, reviewed, and evaluated.

LEVEL VI:360-degree Synergistic Growth Program (Performance Appraisal System)- This one or two day course presents a systems approach to integrating Leaderistics into an organization's operational processes and culture. A 360-degree Synergistic Growth Program (SGP) is presented as the means to create both synergistic operational processes and organizational culture. Participants review and discuss how the SGP establishes a professional development program that creates a market tough organization that produces significantly higher levels of cooperation and productivity.

LEVEL VII:Customer Satisfaction and Market Positioning- This organizational review and market assessment workshop consists of two four-day sessions. Participants are guided through the development of a Business Venture Feasibility Proposal for either an existing product's development or a new acquisition. Attention is given to existing market development, alternative market expansion, and increased customer loyalty base. First, participants assess their organization's core business area for existing product or new product fit. This assessment culminates in the identification of either an existing product for development or a new acquisition. Second, they conduct a market analysis that includes market location, market potentials, levels of competition, legal or sociocultural considerations, target market demographics, operational logistics, and pro forma statements. Finally, participants integrate these findings into a Business Venture Feasibility Proposal that includes an overview of how the product fits into the organization's design as well as the proposed marketing strategy, action plan, and executive summary.

Certificate in Synergistic Systems Design

The Institute for Planning and Needs Assessment recommends that participants follow the curriculum in the recommended sequence if they intend to complete the SSD program through to certification. The program is designed to build upon the theories and learning experiences of preceding levels and applications.


Personal Life Criteria defines fundamental purposes for your life...a destiny needed for personal growth:

  • a significant task to be completed,
  • a significant behavior to be increased or decreased,
  • a significant mission to be accomplished, a vision to be achieved.                    
  • Having completed the Synergistic Leadership Workshop, you improved at "working with and through others to identify and achieve common goals."
  • As you know, you can lead others only as well as you lead yourself. Therefore, you must first be able to work with and through yourself to identify and achieve your life's goal(s) ...your Personal Life Criteria.

•   Once you are able to identify and work toward achieving your Personal Life Criteria, you will be more effective at growing yourself and helping others.

•   In this workshop you will begin the creation of your Personal Life Criteria Workshop (PLCW) and learn how to identify your Personal Life Criteria (PLC).

•   Only you can create your Personal Life Criteria Workshop or identify your Personal Life Criteria. You must seek, discover, and achieve these things from within yourself.

•   It may be easier for you to discover Personal Life Criteria related to an avocational (hobby) aspect of your life. Or, it may be easier for you to discover Personal Life Criteria related to a vocational (career) aspect of your life. It will be your choice.

We will use a step-by-step process to start you down the path of creating your Personal Life Criteria Workshop (PLCW) and discovering Personal Life Criteria (PLC). Your PLCW will be created within your mind. It will be a unique place where you can focus your thinking toward discovering new ideas.

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