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Henry C. Doster’s first book “LEADERISTICS – Leadership for Life” is an owner’s manual for understanding life, a luminous guide to personal and spiritual growth.

New book “LEADERISTICS – Leadership for Life” from Page Publishing author Henry C. Doster PhD, is an existential exploration of being and perception. Written to awaken the human soul and heighten personal awareness, this work is a mind expanding trek into thoughtfulness.

This new unique 2-in-1 book “LEADERISTICS - Leadership for Life” consists of Synergistic Leadership Toolbox and Thy Journey's Path in one binding. Read the first volume, then flip over and read the other - in one easy to read package. The first volume provides the reader an introduction to the Synergistic Leadership tools (SL Toolbox) needed within the second volume, Thy Journey's Path, on your private journey of personal and professional growth, spirituality and individual wellness.

Henry C. Doster PhD, an expert in business management as well as an educator, has completed his first book “LEADERISTICS – Leadership for Life”: a tome of knowledge abounding with wisdom garnered from years of professional experience at the cutting edge of business and management.

On his inspiration to write this book, author Henry C. Doster PhD said simply, “Successive visions, revelations, and epiphanies over several decades.”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Henry C. Doster’s poignant spiritual quest is a guidebook to redemption, inspiration, and the expansion of one’s Christian awareness.

Learn how to create personal and organizational growth by using Leaderistics. Develop “Your Leadership of Yourself” and manifest ability, willingness, and commitment to achieving personal and professional goals in yourself and others. Dr. Doster guides the reader through simple and proven techniques for succeeding at "working with and through others to identify and achieve common goals." Discover why the Synergistic Leadership Toolbox is the first step on Thy Journey’s Path and how that Path leads back to God. Leaderistics has emerged as a paradigm shift. The differences between Leaderistics and other self-help and Spiritual programs are the calculated behaviors used to create personal growth and a Path of understanding that guides us back to God’s Universe.
Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “LEADERISTICS – Leadership of Yourself” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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