We are so thankful for and value all the wonderful feedback we've received over the years.  It is wonderful to see how truly transformative Leaderistics can be in people's lives; this transformation, and the path leading to it, is why we have been so dedicated to these programs all these years...


Anchorage Children's Home Testimonials

This course should be considered in every organization for the next century. If these principles (Master Manager Toolbox) were used by everyone what a wonderful world we would live in! Synergistic Leadership is very practical and has a common sense application. It is a course that brings the very core of values and beliefs to the surface.
Barbara Cloud, President,
Anchorage Children’s Home of Bay County, FL

This experience has allowed me an opportunity to learn, apply and grow. Synergistic Leadership is a merging of behaviors, both within yourself and others. The Master Manager Toolbox is now an integral part of my entire life. I believe that this course will impact my behavior for the rest of my life.
Alesha Lee Sears, Director of Development,
Anchorage Children’s Home of Bay County, FL

Synergistic Leadership causes employees to recognize and support each other so that common goals can develop into organizational and personal growth and goals.
Cindy Hetherington, Lead Counselor,
Anchorage Children’s Home of Bay County, FL

Synergistic Leadership shows you how to achieve success. It begins with "your leadership of yourself" Having attended and taught many management courses myself; I can truthfully say that Synergistic Leadership has had the most value for me. Other leadership and management programs and courses offer less philosophical framework which is neither as practical nor as easy to translate into action as I found in Synergistic Leadership. Synergistic Leadership provides clear and specific behaviors called "Calculated Behaviors" which empower you to better lead yourself and others.

Donna Blair, Clinical Director,
Anchorage Children’s Home of Bay County, FL

It will make you the best person, manager, supervisor you can be while providing you many avenues for personal and professional growth. It shows you how to create a common goal oriented organization.

Mike Giglio, North County Lead Counselor,
Anchorage Children’s Home of Bay County, FL

It gave me self and interpersonal growth through examining my behaviors and leadership style and improving them. I learned that high productivity results when an organization creates equity among its members and communicates clear expectancy.

Kathy Bowker, Outreach Director,
Anchorage Children’s Home of Bay County, FL

Synergistic Leadership has shown me how to understand and grow others and myself through a wonderful program, which is taught by a very gifted person. It caused me to really look at myself and how I was working with others. I am now a better supervisor. I am better at communicating with others and much more aware of how my thoughts and behaviors impact them. This has reduced a lot of my stressful situations.

Elizabeth Parker, Shelter Director,
Anchorage Children’s Home of Bay County, FL

Synergistic Leadership has been an opportunity to challenge myself. I have stretched, grown and become more aware of how I can make an impact on my own as well as others’ lives. It provides specific Tools that create change and growth. I have seen it already build teamwork among individuals who are now committed to sharing power and serving others. This has created a work environment where everyone can contribute their special gifts and insights to form a team in which each person strives to promote success in others. Synergistic Leadership has challenged me to do whatever it takes to create a ZWE culture in my world.

S. Craig Brannon, Human Resource Director,
Anchorage Children’s Home of Bay County, FL

Synergistic Leadership has given me a better understanding of "who I am" and "how others see me." This has allowed me to deal more effectively with personal and professional conflict.

Tim Smith, Lead Specialist,
McElvey Home, Panama City Beach, FL

It is a priceless opportunity to grow as a leader in your workplace, career, family and life in general. It has made me put into action concepts which I can easily use and remember. It promotes a "can do" culture that produces a market tough team.

Tim Putman, Associate Director,
Anchorage Children’s Home of Bay County, FL

Panama City Police Department Testimonials

I have attended numerous leadership-training programs and continued to seek out that "one program" that would take the best of each and combine them into one program. Synergistic Leadership is that program I have been looking for! It indeed captures all of the best management principles and places them into one clear, concise, and remarkable package... The Master Manager Toolbox. Great work Henry!

David Slusser, Chief, PCPD

Synergistic Leadership is very enlightening and inspiring. It has already impacted me personally and professionally. It is very encouraging to see the immediate impact "synergy" has had on the PCPD. It has enabled us to create positive changes within our organization’s culture. When it comes to working with people, I can say that Synergistic Leadership has opened new doors for us to pass through. It creates a balance in the workplace and dramatically improves the quality of life for individuals. Through this program it is possible to not only visualize positive progression in human relations, but also to achieve it.

John VanEtten, Deputy Chief, PCPD

I have been a part of many leadership seminars and workshops during my career at the PCPD. Synergistic Leadership has been the only one which actually provided me with the ability and knowledge to open myself up so that I could become a more productive leader within my organization. With this openness, I have found that many people under my control have great ideas that should be brought forward. During the past months, by simply applying the calculated behaviors presented in Synergistic Leadership, I have been able to foster an excellent relationship with future leaders within my unit. Actually, I truly believe that my recent promotion to commander is a direct result of my attending and learning Synergistic Leadership.

Joe Hall, Commander, PCPD

I see the need for command personnel within other departments attending this program. I believe you have helped our agency. Synergistic Leadership, I personally believe, is entirely correct.

Mitch Pitts, Commander, Investigative Services, PCPD

I have attended many management and leadership seminars (i.e., Leadership Challenge, Dale Carnegie, etc.) and have found them all to be excellent in many ways, but Synergistic Leadership, by far, has been the most valuable to me. I will always remember the Toolbox and its calculated behaviors as I progress through life.

Sam Slay, Lieutenant, Community Policing Unit, PCPD

Every organization is a "diamond" in the rough--Synergistic Leadership is all about applying oneself and the "Toolbox" to polish the diamond so it can shine. The true diamonds are the members of that organization--the leaders as well as the followers.
Billy Doyle, Lieutenant, Patrol Division, PCPD

The workshop is like a flickering candle glowing in a vast darkness for all to see. Henry, Michaelangelo was a master as also are your works. Synergistic Leadership and its Toolbox are suitable for the archives of humanity. Synergistic Leadership gives enlightenment into the secrets of success on a universal scale. The Master Manager Toolbox is leaven, thus all can rise to their heights of freedom.

Millard Cloud, Sergeant, Community Policing Unit, PCPD

An excellent program. I learned a lot about myself and others. Your teaching methods and style were great. You kept me awake and involved. Making us talk and explain what something meant to us kept me thinking. Knowing that I could be called on kept me on my toes and paying attention. The Master Manager Toolbox and your teaching techniques drove the points home. Terms like "blind side, heightened awareness, expanded openness," etc., will never be forgotten. Thank you for your program and may this be the first step of a long and faithful journey that never ends.
Mark Aviles, Sergeant, Training Coordinator, PCPD

I agree with all the thoughts and philosophies within Synergistic Leadership. It is classic leadership thinking distilled into an easily understood and workable program. I look forward to this program being furthered in our organization. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. The instruction was very informative and made you do some serious soul-searching. Henry, keep on doing your program because I truly believe that you’re a man of substance--one in a million. During this workshop, I have learned how to deal with understanding myself and others and what is expected of me and others. I have enjoyed the program and liemy you are Great. You explained everything and I enjoyed learning at the pace you taught. I will apply the Tools learned and that will help me greatly.
Frank Gardner, Corporal, Patrol Division, PCPD

Synergistic Leadership has helped me to not only understand other people but, also, to understand myself It has helped me to improve both my career in the PCPD and my family. When you understand the definition of Synergistic Leadership and apply the "calculated behaviors" the whole world is opened to you. I will always remember "working with and through others to identify and achieve a common goal."
Oscar Laugston, Corporal, Community Policing Unit, PCPD

What I received from Synergistic Leadership I will use throughout my life. Because of this program, I feel like I am a better person in both personal and professional matters. You are a fantastic teacher!!
Mary Jo Rizzuto, Supervisor, Telecommunications Division, PCPD

Synergistic Leadership has opened my eyes to a whole new world of leadership styles. It was very empowering to learn more about myself and others. I will apply the Master Manager Toolbox in my personal and professional life. I would encourage all supervisors and managers to attend this workshop.
Jimmy Nolan, Sergeant, Patrol Division, PCPD

The workshop gave me an opportunity to grow. It has changed the way the PCPD does business from "my way" to "let’s work together."
Kathy McCurdy, Lieutenant, Patrol Division, PCPD

I learned the importance of working with and through others to identify and achieve common goals. You learn how to work with people in your organization, even if you don’t like them, so that everyone can be more positive and productive. Your organization will learn that once you actually begin to work with and through others to identify and achieve common goals everything is possible within a ZWE culture of high productivity and employee happiness.
Laura Olson, Administrative Secretary, PCPD Chief’s Office

I have learned what the meaning of "We" should really be. Things learned here will be used the rest of my life both professionally and personally.
Mike Mettille, Sergeant, Special Investigations Unit, PCPD

It will give you practical and effective "Tools" that enhance communications in both your personal and professional life. If an organization embraces Synergistic Leadership it will truly benefit from enhanced communication and cooperation.
Eric Mason, Station Officer, PCPD

It’s a revelation. Your organization will succeed, once it has adopted Synergistic Leadership and everyone working at using the Tools. It really helps you to learn about yourself and others. Synergistic Leadership is already working in my life on the job, at home and in my Church.
Sabrina Clayton, Staff Assistant, PCPD

You will have a clearer understanding of what is expected of the workers and of management if we want to become a team in which everyone benefits. It provided many open discussions in which organizational and worker needs were examined such that understanding and cooperation grew.
Rushia Jones, Communications Supervisor, PCPD

It opened new horizons in my life. It allowed me to understand how to create teamwork and why there should be a balance between the organization’s needs and the employees’ needs.
Doug Pierce, Sgt., Field Services Section, PCPD

It provided me with specific ideas that have already improved my leadership. I now understand a better way to resolve conflict in both my private and professional life. Synergistic Leadership has taught me that it is important to work with and through others to identify and accomplish common goals.
Victor Melvin, CpL, Field Services Section, PCPD

Synergistic Leadership allows you to really look at your organization. Its Tools open avenues for the individuals to look at themselves objectively. The Tools open lines of communication by showing you specific behaviors and insights to use. When used, Synergistic Leadership will systematically identify and resolve interpersonal and organizational conflicts.
Ed Eubanks, Cpl., School Resource Officer, PCPD

Synergistic Leadership focuses on things that can be utilized for self-leadership as well as leadership of others. It creates unity within an organization and allows it to identify and achieve common goals. It has given me a better idea of how to work with others.
Aifrieda Jordan, Communications Supervisor, PCPD

Synergistic Leadership gave me a strong understanding of how to change myself and others through a positive and lasting means. It also gives you a sense of placement in your organization’s future. It empowers the individual to become the best and succeed. It broadens your ability to change and become a "meaningful specific" rather than a "wandering generality" which then becomes a driving force instead of a drag within the organization.
Bobby Hartwell, Sgt., Support Services, PCPD

Even if you are not a leader now, nor plan to become one, it will create a very helpful and positive mindset and attitude for you. Synergistic Leadership has turned our organization into a far more productive one. It has helped me to deal with others by first dealing with myself.
Brad Leonard, Sgt., Head of Traffic Unit, PCPD