Our Mission

The mission of Leaderistics.com is both personal and organizational. It is to provide learning experiences that heighten personal awareness and expand personal openness so that the highest measurable improvements in spiritual and personal growth, interpersonal cooperation and operational effectiveness are achieved. Retreats and workshops are usually designed to focus on one or the other. However, integrated experiences are often requested.

   Our Vision

   "Creating Strength through Service"

Our History and Philosophy

The Institute for Planning & Needs Assessment or IPANA is the creative vision of noted author and educator Dr. Henry C. Doster Ph.D. twenty years ago he realized that there was something missing from the developing Leadership and Management theories of the time, and went about to fill that gap. A copyright held since 1995, Leaderistics fills that void. To support Leaderistics IPANA has grown to include Doster Publishing, and various web entities now combined into Leaderistics.com. Unlike other theories such as TQM and TQL that focus on "Process", Leaderistics and its Synergistic Leadership Toolbox places the focus squarely where it NEEDS to be - on PEOPLE. Why do many of these other "Flavor of the Month" leadership training programs not work?? - they don't focus on working from WITHIN the individual to modify core behavior patterns that will ultimately sabotage efforts to change. Take a moment to consider some realities....

Most organizations demand productivity. Yet, the internal “culture” (the way things really are done around here...) often adversely affects productivity.
Organizations boldly challenge people to achieve the “mission”, yet, individual and group norms often adversely affect achieving the mission.
Leaders are responsible to “lead positive change”, yet, often refuse to deal with problems that adversely affect potential positive outcomes.

Is there a reliable map to show us the way? What do we really need to know to become our best? Can an organization create a culture in which people are shown how to work with and through each other to identify and achieve common goals? IPANA has those answers and they're found in Leaderistics.

Today, most experts agree that “good leaders have strong people skills.” Therefore, the traditional blend of technical ability and leadership skills must be complemented with the strong people skills necessary for facilitating individual and group successes. Improving interpersonal skills is the key. How can this be accomplished in the “real world”?

Based on a solid foundation of behavioral, social and business sciences, Leaderistics Synergistic Leadership Toolbox equips individuals and organizations to succeed at working with and through others to identify and achieve common goals. This is the road, quite often, less traveled today - but, the expressway of tomorrow. By ensuring a clear understanding of internal and external needs and expectations, we learn to work together to realistically deal with workplace challenges. We can all agree that there are personal and organizational weaknesses - things that need improvement. But how can we make a real difference? Synergistic Leadership has a documented track record of 40% performance enhancement by most participants in our one- year post-assessment. It has made all the difference.

This is the failing of many other "Leadership" programs, they neither pre nor post assess your organization. How can these "Cookie Cutter" programs work when they don't even know what they're dealing with - quite frankly, they don't. They amount to "feel good" programs that are temporary, transient and an expensive exercise in giving a few people "warm fuzzies". Do yourself a favor, ask an organization that has been through these "Cookie Cutter" training programs for a one year post-assessment - did they work over the "long haul"?? Normally, the answer is no. Synergistic Leadership has proven itself in 10 years of exhaustive post assessment data collection - See data...we KNOW it works.


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Henry C. Doster, MBA, PhD

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It would be our sincere pleasure to assist you in any way we can. It is our belief that by living and teaching the principles found within Leaderistics & Leadership for life we are not only giving but receiving a joyus gift. Creating strength through service - the core of Leaderistics. Feel free to contact us below, or by using our contact page.


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