Dr. Doster facilitating workshop discussion

Consulting & Advisement

You're not sure what you need, but you know your company needs "something"...

It's fair to say we are currently in rapidly changing times; at no other time in our history since the "Industrial Revolution" have we seen such dynamic and sweeping changes in the way we conduct business. At IPANA we truly believe that our programs can help an organization and its people weather these winds of change, however, this takes a commitment from leaders and managers that you may be uncertain exists.

This is where private consultation, advisement, and assessment can help determine the "readiness for change" within your organization and provide positive, constructive advice on what may be needed. This can make a world of difference before expenditures of limited resources and lay a fertile groundwork for growth and change by whichever vehicle you choose. Ultimately, we think that Leaderistics is the first choice and the right choice for positive change - but, organizations, as do individuals, must choose the path that suits them. We welcome the opportunity to discuss options, and visions with you.