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To manage you must measure...

We provide the critical information required to model for future growth and success in a new global economy

The Synergistic concept focuses much emphasis on learning about ourselves, minimizing weaknesses and building strengths within ourselves and those around us - assessment is critical in this exploration. The pre- and post-assessments consist of a self-assessment and an others'-assessment which provide both a self-evaluation and a 360 degree assessment by those working for or with an individual. Profile participants explore not only their leadership and managerial behaviors but also information about lifestyle balance, job satisfaction, personal stress levels, health, and personality traits, all of which may impact their ability to effectively work with and through others to identify and achieve common goals. The Personal Profile data represents the groundwork for personal and professional improvement. Aggregated pre- and post-assessment profiles are used for instructional and organizational review. SWOTS profiles help to truly lay an organization "out on the table" - identifying strengths, weaknesses (either real or perceived) and helps to find out if the "Wolf " really IS at your door. Strategic decision making MUST begin with accurate assessment.

Our computer-based questionnaires allow individuals the freedom to answer in complete anonymity, compiled off-site, to provide usable and sometimes eye-opening information about our personal perceptions and of those around us. As the on-line presence of IPANA evolves, we plan to move this assessment capability to an interactive web-based format for both the convenience and accessibility to our clients.


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* Prices do not include per diem travel for institute personnel.