360° Performance Appraisal System
(SSD Level VI)


The ineffectiveness of traditional performance appraisal systems is well documented since the early 1980s. Organizations have searched for the right one in a way likened to the quest for the Holy Grail. Possibly, the problem lies in the fact that leadership keeps trying to find a performance appraisal system that better reinforces what it wants rather than seeking feedback regarding why its past efforts have not worked. Simply stated, followers will reach leadership's expectations when leadership builds more two-way commitment through enhanced two-way communication. This can be accomplished through a 360° performance appraisal system wherein both leaders and followers understand each others' perceptions.

The Synergistic Systems Design uses a 360° performance appraisal system embedded in our Synergistic Growth Program. It proposes a new model for performance appraisal based on the concept that as organizational members at all levels improve at "working with and through others to identify and achieve common goals" the onus for improving performance becomes each individual's responsibility. The 360° performance appraisal system allows each individual to see strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats created by personal behaviors. Gaps between "what is" and "what should be" are clearly understood. Decisions, then, can be made which either reduce or remove those gaps.

The Synergistic Growth Program begins with a baseline which rates each individual's behavior according to 8 leadership roles and 24 managerial skills. As a person becomes more effective in using the 8 leadership roles and 24 managerial skills, improvements are seen by both self and others regarding the accomplishment of more effective interpersonal working behaviors and achievements.

Organizational Impact

Each year following synergistic interventions, we conduct a 360° performance appraisal post-assessment. This provides individual and organizational feedback which specifically defines the areas and the amounts each person's interpersonal behaviors have improved.

The Synergistic Growth Program's effectiveness depends on the organization's culture nurturing its workplace acceptance and operational value. Ultimately, the organization's culture can evolve only to the level of its leadership's maturity and professionalism. IPANA has found that the Synergistic Leadership Workshop or Leadership for Life Workout creates the necessary changes within an organization's culture for the Synergistic Growth Program to succeed.

IPANA has generated and maintained a pre/post-assessment database which shows the impact of its Synergistic Leadership Workshop when combined with its Synergistic Growth Program (360° Performance Appraisal System). Survey findings show that the leadership behavior among participants (administrators, managers and supervisors) significantly improved. "Self" pre/post-assessment data indicated a 29.5% average improvement. Further, when the 828 "Others" who reported to these leaders were pre/post-assessed, the data showed a 41.1% average improvement in their perceptions regarding positive changes witnessed in their leaders' behaviors.



Brief Description

The Synergistic Growth Program can be administered through hard-copy, PC, LAN, WAN or downloadable from the web (we provide customers a customized download page). Data analysis is performed in Microsoft Access which uploads to a graphics generator that ultimately produces individual and organizational aggregated profiles.

Dr. Doster would be glad to present a detailed operational description of our Synergistic Growth Program to your organization upon request.