It sometimes seems that young people move at the speed of light. But, are they moving at the speed of "Right"?

Helping our future cultivate success by fostering positive relationships and personal growth

To be a success in life you must have hope. Developing hope requires personal leadership. Leadership for Life teaches young people how to cross the threshold that keeps them from developing hope in their lives. Participants learn how to create a personal ZWE culture wherein differences are understood and common goals achieved. Thereafter, many other life tasks become easier. As young people learn how to develop hope in their lives, they understand how cooperation and coordination are fundamental to personal success.

The program's curriculum and real world application assignments are founded upon over 20 years of university teaching and organizational consulting during which the best models and practices within the fields of education, sociology, psychology, business, and religion have been integrated and simplified. Consequently, participants enjoy a highly practical, interactive, and skill-based learning experience that allows them to quickly master the various interpersonal behaviors that compose Leadership for Life and create a personal ZWE culture.

The various interpersonal behaviors that define Leadership for Life are separated into eight, easy to grasp Tools. Each Tool focuses on a different facet of personal awareness or group performance. Throughout the workshops, participants use a Co-Study process in which they draw the Tool as it is being learned. Co-Study, along with Reflective Discussion, Power Talks, Role-Plays, and other highly interactive components provide the learning experience wherein understanding is achieved. Participants leave each session with a poster of the Tool(s) covered that can be used for review and practice. Also, those who attend multiple sessions and complete all eight Tools receive a ZWE Toolbox Poster that is framed and ready for hanging.

Those completing Leadership for Life may want to advance into Synergistic Leadership. The Synergistic Leadership Program culminates with a clearer understanding of how a ZWE organizational culture significantly improves each individual's ability, "to work with and through others to identify and achieve common goals."