Introduction to Thy Journey's Path

Science & Religion


 Scientific reasoning and spiritual understanding are considered often to be mutually exclusive domains of knowledge. Proponents of each should work to combine their knowledge rather than considering them as unrelated dimensions of thought. Graphically, each seems to be considered as a separate dimension of thought that never meets the other:

Spiritual  Understanding.

Scientific Reasoning

 However, each dimension is simply on different parts of the same continuous circle of Truth: utterances from God.

Spiritual  Understanding

Scientific Reasoning

Thy Journey's Path addresses how both dimensions are companion dimensions of thought existing on and integrated within the same circle of Truth and destined to meet and combine with one another. Together, spiritual understanding and scientific reasoning combine into a true explanation of how (scientific reasoning) and why (spiritual understanding) the Big Bang occurred.

Thy Journey's Path is an explanation of how the Big Bang occurred and created our universe. Further, this reasoning is related to both spiritual understanding and scientific explanation. Generally, this explanation will show that the original spark-spirits made by God as companions generated disruptive energy through their thoughts, words, and deeds within God's Universe that eventually caused the explosion -the Big Bang.  We will explore through scientific reasoning the physics of that explosion and how it created our universe. We will explain through spiritual understanding the spark-spirits' disruptive behavior before and during the Big Bang as well as the consequences between that time and the spark-spirits' eventual reunion with God in His Universe.


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