Personal Life Criteria defines fundamental purposes for your life...a destiny needed for personal growth:

  • a significant task to be completed,
  • a significant behavior to be increased or decreased,
  • a significant mission to be accomplished, a vision to be achieved.                    
  • Having completed the Synergistic Leadership Workshop, you improved at "working with and through others to identify and achieve common goals."
  • As you know, you can lead others only as well as you lead yourself. Therefore, you must first be able to work with and through yourself to identify and achieve your life's goal(s) ...your Personal Life Criteria.

•   Once you are able to identify and work toward achieving your Personal Life Criteria, you will be more effective at growing yourself and helping others.

•   In this workshop you will begin the creation of your Personal Life Criteria Workshop (PLCW) and learn how to identify your Personal Life Criteria (PLC).

•   Only you can create your Personal Life Criteria Workshop or identify your Personal Life Criteria. You must seek, discover, and achieve these things from within yourself.

•   It may be easier for you to discover Personal Life Criteria related to an avocational (hobby) aspect of your life. Or, it may be easier for you to discover Personal Life Criteria related to a vocational (career) aspect of your life. It will be your choice.

We will use a step-by-step process to start you down the path of creating your Personal Life Criteria Workshop (PLCW) and discovering Personal Life Criteria (PLC). Your PLCW will be created within your mind. It will be a unique place where you can focus your thinking toward discovering new ideas.

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